Due to the pandemic, Terri has been back working for the NHS and running Parkfield Equine Solutions charity. Sadly there will be no planned workshops at Parkfield this year 2021. Please contact Sara if you are interested in holding an obstacle workshop at your yard.

Obstacle Training Workshops  – Learn the ingredients to negotiate a variety of obstacles with a calm, confident horse.

Spring/Summer 2020 : Dates to be confirmed
Venue: Parkfield Stables, Hurstpierpoint. 

Cost: SEH Members £45. Non members £50

IMG_4701Aim: Using obstacles in training sessions is a great way to build confidence in your horse, teach your horse to be an independent thinker and problem solver, adds a new dimension to his training and is FUN!  Suitable for any level of horse.
Perfect practice for those interested in Trec, Working Equitation, Western Trail, agility  or the extreme sport of hacking!  

Small groups only so secure your place early!South East Horsemanship




Focus: These workshops will incorporate groundwork and ridden ( please note, there is no obligation to ride at all, you may stay on the ground if you prefer or your horse is not ready to mount). Learn how to build confidence with spooky obstacles, negotiate gates,  cross bridges, low branches, backing through obstacles etc.  

Terri Martinus, South East horsemanship



To Book: email Terri at info@1withyourhorse.com
If you would like to organise a group and come together, please contact me to arrange a date/venue.


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