We are here to help you overcome fear, anxiety or negative beliefs surrounding your day to day life with your horse.  We can also help with improving performance and achieving your dreams.  This sometimes requires a two pronged approached – through helping you with your horse and horsemanship skills and by giving you personal strategies to deal with situations that you find difficult. 


South East HorsemanshipTerri and Sara, can help you to understand your horses behaviour and hence improve your horses and your own confidence, whilst Becky, our NLP coach and personal trainer can help you replace negative beliefs with positive outcomes.  This can be done in person or by phone consultations.  Contact Becky directly for more information beckythompson30@hotmail.com.   Read more about Becky here.

Mounted sessions can also be arranged with Terri or Sara and Becky.

Take control today and change your life with your horse – You Can Do It!