South East HorsemanshipWho are we?

We became friends many years ago through our shared principles and beliefs.  We enjoy teaching together as well as supporting each other and our students.  We are passionate about helping people to help their horses.
Together as SEH we can offer a broader range of services to help you progress your horsemanship and have fun along the way!  We cover the South East UK and travel abroad.

Please visit our individual websites for more in depth information about us.


Terri Martinus, South East HorsemanshipTerri Martinus:

Having ridden and worked with hoses over the last 40 years, I have been a student and instructor in natural horsemanship training techniques since 2002.  I believe that we can teach the horse through feel what is expected of him and that building a solid foundation and developing a strong relationship is key to achieving goals that some only dare to dream about.  Having a medical background, I strive to combine understanding horse behaviour with neuroscience in order to be a better student, trainer and partner of the horse.

Having had some very challenging horses in my life, I have an empathic and sympathetic approach in my teaching so that even the most unconfident horse or human can learn to feel successful. 

Based north of Brighton, I teach all ages including children, having a young son of my own. The kids are the future generation of horsemen and women and I believe their beginning is everything.  



Sara de Vries, South East HorsemanshipSara de Vries:

I have been around horses for over 40 years and they truly run through my veins. Always looking to become a better horsewoman, in 1999 I decided that the combination of equine psychology and natural training techniques was the path to helping as many horses and people as possible find happy and harmonious partnerships. This has been and continues to be my lifelong journey.

As an instructor/trainer, I understand the needs of the horse and the student. I aim to help both the person and the horse find the answer themselves in a safe but progressive learning environment, to benefit them throughout their life.

Working with all ages and types of horses is an honor, but the opportunity to work with a youngster is always a privilege, helping them learn things that will benefit them in life. One of the greatest rewards is watching students (both equine and human) develop and refine skills, giving them the confidence to follow their dreams

Meet the Team


South East HorsemanshipBecky Thompson: NLP

I have ridden horses since I was 4 years old and have more than 30 years experience in looking after and working with horses.  A qualified Veterinary Nurse and having my Parelli Natural Horsemanship Level 3 Online, Liberty and Freestyle  Riding certification, I was the Coaching And Leadership Manager for Mars UK, where I regularly coached Senior Leaders, Managers and Teams to help them achieve their full potential. I was responsible for developing a coaching culture within Mars which included training Managers in coaching skills so that they could go on to coach and develop their teams.   As an NLP Master Practitioner  I can help you 1-2-1 either on the phone or face to face. Let me help you to set your goals, replace your limiting beliefs with beliefs of excellence and support you on your journey with your horse, whatever that may be.  Sometimes a bit of support is all you need to set you back on track so please contact me.


South East Horsemanship

Kathy Spence: Marketing and PR –

I have ridden since a child and owned several wonderful horses, the last of which was darling “Nike'”.  I have competed at most disciplines but mostly I enjoyed being a “Happy Hacker”.  Sadly I had a freek accident in 2009 whilst mounting at a show, which was life changing.  I have managed a couple of plods round the New Forest but sadly had to give up Nike as I was unable to look after him.  On the plus side I gave him to Sara DeVries who was originally looking after him for me whilst I was unable to and he could not have gone to a better home!
I am a keen photographer and Artist and have my own website  I work in an Equine Veterinary Hospital and often do Horse photo shoots in my spare time & combined with visits to see “Nike”, I still manage to get my “Horse Fix”.!!









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